My ex and I have been broken up for a few months now and I am not over him. He continues to call me to talk and find out how I am, and to tell me what's up with him. He has even told me he is seeing someone, so I don't understand why he even bothers calling. It hurts so much to talk to him. Should I take his calls when I know I'm not over him, and I know he is over me, and that he just wants to be friends. Some friends have told me to ignore him, and I occasionally do this, but I have on many occasions taken his call and I always hurt during and after. But I feel that I am for some reason continuing to wrack my brain as to whether I should take the call. Why can't I make up my mind. I told him when we broke up that I wouldn't call him anymore, and I don't, so is he being a jerk and playing games. I feel stupid because part of me says this shouldn't be an issue and that it should be easier to just not pick up the phone. Please any advice would do.