Sorry this is a long one.
I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. He had a friend sarah,she sounded nice so I never worried about it, then she was texting all the time any excuse for him to go there. He would visit her once a week and watch a film with her, I was fine with it until one day he fell asleep watching a film and she didn't wake him up to go home (we don't live together) so he told me the next day. I couldn't understand it. The next time he went she cooked him a meal, he found it a bit strange but she said it was a thank you for his help. I was angry I knew she was up to something but I couldn't prove it. He said I was paranoid, I started to think I was. Then she told him she loved him. He told me, I said he couldn't go there again. He agreed. I got very angry and did something I'm not proud of. I stole her number off his phone and text her from the internet pretending to be a friend of his telling her that he had a girlfriend and to leave him alone cause he wasn't interested. I wasn't nasty or anything. My boyfriend went mad said I'd scared her. Then she went mental with him asking for my number, he gave her his mates number and she text that number constantly for weeks with death threats etc. I'm not proud of what I did and I didn't mean to scare her. I was just trying to keep my man. Warn her off nicely. After I text her warning her off him, she did text him but it was only to say merry christmas or happy birthday. So twice a year he had a text from her. I could live with that.

Then a few months later he confessed to me that once when we had split up after an argument he slept with her. I couldn't believe it I was so angry, he promised it was only that once when he was drunk and angry and he thought me and him were over for good. I have now forgiven him and it took me long time. But after a year she's started texting him again 2 weeks ago she text him telling him I'd text her again off the internet ( I hadn't, I didn't need to, as far as I was concerened she was history). He rang me angry asking if I had. I told him I hadn't I promised him I hadn't, eventually he believed me, but he rang her cause he was drunk so he could sort things out, he told her he still had a girlfriend. I though it was strange and told him she was trying it on and he agreed, I thought that would be the end of it but no, yesterday he tells me she sent a photo she wasn't nude or anything but she is posing very seductively and the boobs are almost out of her top. She did this the day before my birthday, he told me the next day(on my birthday) when we were out for a meal. He said she had asked if she could have his opinion on something and sent him this photo. He showed me the photo and has been very honest about things, but things don't seem quite right. I just don't understand why after all this time she's started all this up again. I can't deal with this again. I did this all last year just after I miscarried and I really do just want her to leave him alone. It's been a year now I do trust my boyfriend (now), as he has been so honest even though he knew I would react badly. I can't phone her as I didn't keep her number, he won't change his number because all his friends have that number and he wants the ones he hasn't seen in a while to always have his number. I don't know where she lives, but she seems mental so I wouldn't want to see her anyway. I hate her so much. I wish she would just leave us alone. I don't know what to do. My boyfriend text her in front of me but just said I don't think you should text me any more or send pictures because I don't want the mrs getting the wrong idea. Sorry. Why the hell did he put sorry on the end. She should be saying sorry.