Hey I've been dating this girl for about 2 months now and it has gone well. I just took her to prom last weekend, and we celebrated her birthday yesterday. I got to know her through my church and we're both in the youth band. Now, I'd never been in a relationship before (im a senior in high school), and I'd liked her awhile before we were going out, but I didn't say anything. However, one of my friends in the church youth group asked me if I liked the girl that I'm talking about, and I was thinking, "I'm not that obvious am I?" but then she said that she liked me. So, this was the first time my liking was reciprocated. Anyway, we started dating, a couple movies and dinner and stuff like that, and I kissed her for the first time like a week and a half ago. Everything was going really good, and she's everything I want in a girl (she's very intelligent, kind, beautiful, and has a great personality). Also, I guess my mom and her mom were talking about us and her mom said that her daughter was incredibly smitten over me. Then, on the same day, which happened to be her birthday, I went over to her house to celebrate her birthday, and we went on a walk and she told me that she wasn't ready for a relationship yet, because of some problems she's having with her dad or something, and she said she needs to deal with that. She did, however, say that she still likes me and that we should be friends because she thinks a good relationship will come from that. She also said that she doesn't want to burden me with her problems with her dad and stuff, but the truth is, I don't see it as a burden. It is more of a burden being out of the relationship than being in it. She also said that she doesn't want me to have to wait for her to get ready for a relationship. What should I do? I want to talk to her about it, I want to express how I feel to her. After only a day this situation is adversely affecting my daily life; i.e. I couldn't sleep last night.