Okay, I've been with this girl for 4 months now. I'm 21 and she's 19, so she's younger than me.

One night early on, before we were an official relationship, we were laying in bed after sex and she was laying on me and out of nowhere she asked me how many girls I have had sex with - I didn't like the topic of conversation, but I told her the truth - 9, including her. Then I asked her how many guys she's been with, she said 5 other than me, so 6 including me. I felt kind of special, because I was less than my number - it seemed like a fairly low number given the times we live in now, so I really liked that.

Then one night after we were together, like maybe a month later or so, the topic of conversation came up again - and this time she says 7 guys other than me. I told her that she told me 5 last time and she was like "I never said that, I never said that" and we got into a really big argument about it, and she wound up calling her brother and getting him to come pick her up and she went home.

Then, this weekend, we were doing fine, she writes me this email - supposed to be a love letter, but she start talking about some past relationship - she was trying to explain how money doesn't matter to her (cuz that's an issue I worry about sometimes, with me being a broke college student and all) and she start talking about some past relationship she was in over a year ago with a guy that used to buy her a lot of stuff, but that didn't mean anything to her, because she didn't really love him or felt like he really loved her and the connection is totally different between us, and something clicked in my head, so I sat down and wrote a list of all the guys she's told me about and I get 11. So I call her and start asking her questions, "what was this guy's name? Did you have sex with him?" and sure enough it's 11 that she's admitting to now. She's insisting that it's only 11, but how can I know for sure? Not that it's a big deal, but she originally told me it was 5 other guys, now it's 10 other guys.. that's a big difference! She's basically been lying to me about this for 4 months - at the same time though, I kind of knew she was lying, because I would ask her stuff like "it's only 8 guys right?" and she would be like "uh huh, yeah" and quickly try to change the subject, so I'm honestly not surprised to