Around August 5th of last year, my girlfriend and I broke up for the first time. We spent the next two months on and off.. until we got back together in early October. Things have been great since then... until the last couple of days. I sensed that something was wrong, and today it was confirmed. We're on another "break."

She's been in a lot of bad relationships. Her emotions have been messed up, but after seeing a therapist for a few months after we started having problems, she was getting better. Eventually, however, she stopped seeing the therapist. She's told me that everything she's said to me is true. She just isn't happy with herself right now and she can't be happy with me if she isn't happy with herself. That's understandable.

I almost did what I normally do in this situation. I was ready to erase her from my life completely. I was ready to clear my heart of her and end all communication. I practically told her as much. However, I couldn't do it. I called her and told her that regardless of where we stood right now, I wasn't quitting on "us." I wasn't giving up. I had told her in the past that I needed her in my life and I mean it. And I also told her, like I did before, that unless she tells me she doesn't love me, doesn't want to be with me ever again, or finds a new guy, I'm not going anywhere.

The issue at hand now is this: She was supposed to be coming here next week for about a week. That obviously isn't happening now. I was then going to be going there in September and spending about three weeks there. Basically, I still want to get there in September. I feel that this situation is something that needs to be talked about in person, but I don't want to tell her I am going there in September because I don't want her to try to push me away. So my question is, to those with actual opinions, should I still go there in September so I can see where we stand in person? So that we can discuss the issues face to face.

It's a four hour drive from my house to her school, but I'm willing to take the chance that she'll tell me to go back home right when I get there. It's something that I feel I need to do.

Anyway, feel free to give advice.

For the record, I know that she's not seeing anyone else. That's not even a concern of mine because I know it's not true. Also, she's a bit honest and I truly feel that if there was something wrong with the relationship and she never wanted to be with me again, she'd tell me.