Hey guys, I had this girlfriend for 4 months, and everything from the beginning up to the day we ended things was perfect. We each had out separate worlds, she's in college and I'm working, she wouldn't intrude in my life and I was always willing to give her the space she needed.

I never behaved like a wuss, like making her the center of my universe, but I always treated her right, with respect and love. Every time we would get together we would share everything and it was like nothing else mattered. I've always been the strong and emotionally independent kind of guy, until I met this girl, she broke past my defenses and made me believe that I could really love and trust somebody.

Before she met me, she used to go out with her best friend, but they never quite got into a formal relationship. When we met, she just decided to cut things off with him to focus on our relationship and the guy just went mad. He would start msging her, sending her gifts, saying that he loves her. (I know all that because she would always keep me informed, we believed in full communication)

I wanted to talk to the guy and tell him to quit it, but she convinced me that she was going to handle it. That was like the small thorn in our relationship, because I was always aware that they went back a long time, they come from the same town, they've known each other longer that I've known her and even their families know each other. (I don't know her family because they live in her home country)

Suddenly she decided to break up because she said that she had "personal issues" that she wasn't ready to share with me. After 3 long weeks of pain and suffering and begging her to try again, I found out that she was sleeping with her best friend.

I confronted her, and she then did all the - "im sorry", "i can't believe i did that to you", "i'm a terrible person", "i'm confused", "i'm not happy", "i NEED you", "i think about you all the time", "without you i feel lost", "you changed me and now when i'm with him, it's not the same" - crying routine. I told her I didn't HATE her, that I just hope she made the correct decision and I hope she's happy in her life. Let me move on and that's it.

She would keep calling me, talking to me, and like a fool I always went back to being there for her. I even started to think for a moment that I could be her friend, so that I could represent the same headache her friend gave me when I was in the relationship. But reality would always hit me, and she made me feel like her friend during the day and at night, when I needed to talk to her, she would always disappear. I realized that I was ADDICTED to her. I would wake up and the first thing I wanted to do was talk to her and listen to her. And everything was fine until she went to her new bf's house. It was like a drug, getting small fixes during the day to feel better and suffering when I had no more left. I tried the NO CONTACT a couple of times, but I would always go back after 1-2 days because she was constantly messaging me or calling me.

I finally decided one day, after she ditched me again to go out with her boyfriend, to STOP TALKING TO HER. NO EXPLAINING, NO NOTHING, ZIP, NADA, KAPUT. The next day she would start messaging me and I didn't respond, and it's been 5 days already.

The thing is that its so tough to just close the door to somebody (or slam it in her face). I wonder if I'm doing the right thing, or should I talk to her again and tell her why I decided to cut off. the thing is that I've told her that a couple of times already, I've sent her emails saying that, and it NEVER works. That's why I decided to cut things out without even a warning sign. The last thing she sent me was an Angry emoticon over the MSN Messenger. What?? She's angry at ME now?? I didn't wanted to end things like this, but it seems it's the only way.

Do I have to ignore her for ever? We usually hang out in the same places, we even have a friend's birthday coming next Saturday. I don't know if I should just erase her from my life or explain things to her (again!).

In case some of you may wonder, I haven't deleted her from my MSN because: 1. I feel like if I do it, she's out of my life FOR EVER, and I'm still not sure I want that 2. I feel like I'm running away from her, like trying to hide, and I'd rather ignore her in her face, like telling her "i'm here and I wont talk to you".