All right. I've been with my girlfriend for 7 years now. 5 years we lived in our parents houses and 2 years we lived together. I'm 28 and she is 25. We love each other and I don't think she ever cheated on me. From time we met she just started to going to college and I started a good union job.

So we talked about our future and she was studying taking classes for medical or dental school. Why not. I have money and I was going to put her through school and pay for everything. Her loans food clothes cars anything she wanted. But during 4.5 years of her school she didn't work and only took 4 classes in semester and had a very bad GPA of 3.1 in science.

Ok next she took tests after college to medical school after 8 months of studying she totally blew it. Then she studied again for 6 months for dental school admissions she blew it then another 6 moths same test she blew it then another 6 months she had the same grade she first taken it. I studied for that test myself for a month and I got a better score than her. 2.5 years just for a test and she failed it 4 times. It's driving me insane.

What the hell this girl is doing? I begged her for a year just to get an office job which she got fired in 6 months. I pay for everything rent food clothes. Her dog which I got her. 1.5 years ago I asked her to marry me and gave her very expensive ring. And after I got upset at her for failing first test she gave it back to me 2 weeks before the test I proposed to her.

And we been living since then together anyway and it's been hell for me. I do clean at home and I do both of our laundries and buy food and iron my clothes. She barely does something. Only cooks dinner when I come home and clean apartment just on the surface. All these 7 years I know her she sleeps till 12. And watches TV. She is a pretty girl and I'm not bad myself if I go party I can pick up any girl for sure.

But anyway. She keeps saying that I want a doctor or a dentist for money that is not true I have money. All I want I tell her is a good life for us and our children and our parents when they need our help because they soon to retire and we have to help them. She doesn't listen to anything I say. What do I do? Because I love her too much. I want to break up though but it's hard.

I mean this girl is nice to everyone everybody like her but when it comes to me she doesn't want to help me at all. She keeps her stuff as a mess and keeps her dishes in sink for days I don't even want to eat from them anymore. She can go to pharmacy school without any test or nursing school with easy test to get in but she doest want to. She wants to go to occupational therapy but it will be another 11 months until she gets into program and 3 years to complete if she completes it. I'll be 33 by time she finishes. I want kids already. I have to wait for 4 more years until she wakes up if she will. What do I do?