A few months ago I was dumped by a married/seperated man. He was married at the time I met him but was very interested in me. I was basically over with my children's father and he was truly unhappily married with children as well(people that know him agreed). I decided to go out with him and we immediately clicked. We could not even believe how great we were together. His wife found out about me shortly after a few dates and he left and filed for divorce and bought another house to live in. Things were going great now that we didn't have to sneak around and it was a relief that our former significant others knew. We had an amazing 7 months together and he introduced me to everyone that was important to him, close friends and family. We had parties, dinner with his family and friends, a great Christmas, took trips or just rented a movie. I did and tried things his wife wouldn't do, not to impress him because I was into adventure myself (Not all sex related, more like his hobbies). He was always talking about making future plans with me, looked at rings (just to look but I picked one anyway), talked about where we would get married and move to. We were moving at an accelerated pace in our relationship but we did't care. The only thing we didn't do was intermix the kids just yet. We agreed it still may be too early to start being a "family" since the divorce wasn't final yet. He would always let me know that he loved me , tell me how beautiful I was, steal kisses, hold my hand, very affectionate! His wife did admit that she was the cause of tha affair by treating him the way she did for so long, and realized what she had after he was gone. She put a lot of pressure on him and used the kids to her advantage. I got the we need to talk line and shortly after, it was over out of nowhere. He would not even speak to me again. I do still love him and I never hurt so bad. I am frustrated that it is taking so l long to get over him and I need to find closure. He misled me to believe that we really had a future together and I need a tasteful way to throw a monkey wrench in his fake happy marriage! I will then feel better and less like a fool! Thanks for suggestions!!