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    Nov 5, 2007, 05:03 PM
    Roommate Problems: How to Deal with crazy Roommate
    I have a roommate who is 52 years old (Japanese/American bon in US). He was pretty good roommate from Aug 2001, just because he never lived in apt until end of July, I think. He was living with his girlfriend whole time but he came back once a while but he never stayed no longer than 1 week. Basically, I was living in 2+2 by myself whole time.

    He started to live in the apt end of July 2007. I can tell by his attitude he didn't like me to bring any one into our apt. One day he couldn't hold any longer so he brow up his anger. He got so furious he started to insult me, criticize me, pressing me down, and complain about me everything. I didn't say much because I was so scared.

    I waited two days to speak to him again but his reaction was the same. I started to communicate with him by email and I kindly asked him to move out and willing to help/find him a place but he ignored all my email. The reason I asked him to move out just because I have been living there and taking care of the place, have a cat, he makes more money than me, and it is hard for me to find another apt. I have been looking for apt but not success so far with my budget.

    We haven't talked since beginning of Sep. He started to do annoying stuff such as; no longer sharing TV, microwave, rice cooker, oven toaster, etc. So, I bought all. He asked me to make a half of space freezer and fridge for him even though he doesn't cook. And, I give him spaces. He also made divider in the freezer and fridge by cardboard and tapes. He stared to leave mess in the living room, slamming the doors , etc. He tries to annoy me on purposely and I feel so uncomfortable staying my apt.

    He is all the time glued to the couch in the living room; I feel that I can't even come out of my room. I would like to get along with him and just deal as two adults but obviously that's not possible. He is possible-aggressive.

    We are both on the lease. I spoke with apartment manager/landlord and legal people what was going on but nothing they can do. How can I make him move out? What should I do now.
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    Nov 5, 2007, 06:08 PM
    To my knowledge there is no way you can evict him. My best advice would be for you to move out and I wouldn't wait. The apartment is not worth the risk of living with a lunatic.
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    Dec 6, 2007, 03:18 AM
    It sounds like you need to make a move before he does. His volitile behavior is not something that you need to put up with. Perhaps you can have a word with the landlord or have some friends help you to move out. Nothing is worse than being in a living situation whereby the other roommate is disrespectful. Perhaps if you tell him to move out again, you can notify the police if he becomes violent. Get a restraining order and the problem takes care of itself... right? Who's name is on the lease?
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    Jul 21, 2009, 08:07 AM

    Kiyomi, it's Rob, Chris A.'s friend from New York. I will be in town from this Thursday until Tuesday, email me kudyba ( @ ) netzero . Net!
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    Dec 28, 2010, 01:56 PM
    I had a similar situation. I picked up a lease release from the landlord stating that my roommate would be able to afford the place by her self. Her friends were eating all my food and having friends sleep on the couch. I didn't feel comfortable being in my own apartment. I couldn't even enjoy a bowl of cereal before going to work. It was difficult to get her to sign the form because she was crazy and didn't think she or her friends were doing anything wrong. But once the form was signed I was able to move out and move on. If your landlord doesn't want to get involved, that can be a problem. But I would really press the issue. The only other thing you is break your lease. It won't show up on your credit report for about 6 months. That will give you enough time to find another place and not having to explain what your situation is.

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