My boyfreind and I have been going out since June 2 2007. Before when he asked me to be his girlfriend he use to talk to me more on msn and use to care a lot. But now its like everything is going wrong I got really mad at him. I am not sure if how I'm acting is the way a good girlfreind should be like but, like every time I want to do something with him he says he's busy and that he can't but then tells me he wants to be with me and says sorry he's done it a couple of times.he almost never calls me. I need to tell him to call me and he says he can't or sometimes says his mom is on the phone. And once when he called me I asked him what were going to do today and he said you probably nothing but I need to do things. I had it we can't ever do things only once in a while and I want to do things with him but he never can or god knows if he's lying to me not to see me or something.he does tell me he wants to see me. Anyway I don't want my summer to be boring I want to go out with boys but I can't cause I have a boyfreind and I don't cheat. I asked him today if were going to go to the shopping mall next to my house and he said it was too far but he went there a lot of times with me but now he says its too far. Then I asked him if we can go to a shopping mall next to his house and he said maybe then I told him id go there if he wanted me to then he said he wanted me to but he was busy. Help me! I am so upset I love him but I feel like he has better things to do then to be with me and this love might be over soon if I don't get some real advice.