Yes, as in the title, I have a very possessive boyfriend. My very first boyfriend.
We have been together for almost 1.5 years.
Back to the days where we first got together, everything was good. Sweet. Happy. But problems started coming up months later. We could quarrel about very little things, but the most important is, he is very possessive.
Because of him, I sort of gave up my friends. I meet my friends for about once a month or lesser. I got distanced from my friends because of him.
He don't like me to have any contact with male friends. Even male friends whom I am very good with. Not even can I sms/msn with them. He says that I am a low-class cheap flirt whenever I contact with them. He says that my friends are trash.
As for my classmates, he doesn't allow me to have lunch with any male friends. He said he rather I had my meals alone or I don't eat at all. I have to report to him whether I am sitting beside a guy during my class or when I am having my lunch.
And because of this, I am distanced from my classmates.
He even got into my msn and deleted all the guys and people whom he don't like for a few times.
Once, he demanded to check my msn chat logs.

As for my girlfriends, he restrict the number of times I could meet up with them every month. Which is twice a month. And it can't be a weekend. He said that weekends are for him. I am in the same class as him, which means we meet everyday, and we spend ALL WAKING HOURS TOGETHER, yet he said that I am not spending enough quality time for him.

Just last week, I went out with my girlfriend to catch a movie. He asked where I was going. I said town for movie. That was not a good answer. He asked, which part of town. I mean, I am living in Singapore, and town is seriously not a huge area. And we are quarreling now because of this. Because I refused to answer, and I told him that I hate to report everything I do to him. Totally lack of freedom.

HE HATE ALL MY FRIENDS. When they didn't do anything to him.

I told him that I need his trust long time ago. I begged him for it. He said that I need to earn that trust. Hence, I stopped going out with my friends, stop contacting all male friends to prove to him that he could trust me.
Now that he said he trust me, but its guys that he don't trust.
I told him that he should have more confidence in himself, but he said he is very confident, he just doesn't trust all the other guys out there(My male friends).
Whenever I told him that I have the right to contact my male friends, he said that I'm despo for guys, talking to guys = flirt. I said that I'm cheap, a slut, a .

Yes, he always scold me with those hurtful words. I told him I get very hurt whenever he scolds me. He apologized. But he said that he need to scold me with those words if not I will not change.

We broken up and patched for dozen of times.

Once, he slapped me. He hitted me. I was really angry at that period. I broke up with him and I was determined. But, he kept contacting me. His friends(Not knowing the situation) contacted me too. Asking me to patch up with him. For that period, he didn't eat anything and his health became worse. His friends just blamed me for that.
Countless times, we initiated break up, but failed.

I read entries of others who are having the same problem as me. But yeah, I really need some opinions and help.