I started seeing this guy at the beginning of January. He has been a friend for about 6 months and used to come and hang out with me and my ex. He also used to work with my ex.

I am fresh out of the relationship with my ex, but me and this guy have been seeing each other regularly (3-4 times at least a week) We have slept together, and spent the night together and when we are intimate he is so passionate with me. We kiss for hours on end and just sit and gaze into each others eyes and hold each other.

We have been keeping our "friendship" secretive so my ex doesn't cause a lot of problems for either of us. Until last week, a couple of our other friends found out. I then found out that he thought I was the one wanting to keep it a secret but is not concerned with it being secretive himself. Ok I know that was very confusing... but just kind of a run down on the story.

I asked him if he wanted to "be with me" and he said "no he is not ready for a relationship right now" but that he loves spending time with me and misses me when Im not around. I completely understand that he is not ready for a relationship right now, because I just came out of the relationship with my ex... I can't expect him to want to be with me off the bat, so soon after my breakup. He says he is "afraid of getting his heart broken"

My question is... how can I get this "friendship" going in the right direction. We are pretty much girlfriend/boyfriend, with out the label.

How can I win his heart??