Hi all,
I was reading this site about 1 week already relating to no contact rules.
Itís very helpful especially whenever I want to contact my ex or her mother. :)
Itís my story...
I was with her about 1 year relationship. This 1 year relationship is very smooth. I treated her kind a cocky and non needy attitudes. She loves me so much and every time she called me. Very jealous to me with other girls. Sent flowers to my office.
2 months ago, she went to the other country with her family, which far from me about 10000 miles. Before she went there, I asked her to come back after 1 year. She said OK and promised. (I thought she donít want to go there)
When she arrived there, things are still OK. We talked on phone and email and chat.
(I remembered. She said if I can follow there, it would be very good.)
But started from about 1 month there, she changed gradually. Donít call me and donít answer my calls also. Only when her mum gave her my calls, she answered to me. She said not feeling well and want to be alone. Those days, I tried to call many times, but she didnít answers. At the end, her mum told me that there was a guy who likes her and she was pity on him. Her mum said this guy has pity background like no parents, not educated, no relative, no stable job, everyone look down on him, not handsome, bla bla...
So I told her mum that I will come and see her immediately. Her mum said she will discuss with her family. Next day, I received email from my ex. In her email,
She said
((Ö She so sorry to say that she has a new guy now. She wanted to say this to me but now she has to say this to me... She pity him so much. He has nothing. She feels like she needs to take care of him. She is the only person for that guy can possess in his life. She know what she did was wrong and stupid. I have everything. So I can get a new girlfriend easily. He doesnít have anything. So she feels pity to him. Ö.))
So that night, we talk over phone. We both cried over phone. I told her many things about our future. I told her I will follow there and get married. She replied why I never said all these last time. She asked me to give her sometime.
The next day, I called her, she said with unfriendly tone, and saidÖ she meant according to her email. After that we no more talk on phone already. On that day, we email back and there about 10 emails. 2 days later I sent her 1 email that Ö I agreed with this break up. Move on your lifeÖ
From that day onwards, I applied No Contact until now. (2 weeks already)
If you guys have some idea, please share with me.