The Basics:
My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 years, since 8th grade. I know it sounds a tad awkward to have been going out since such a young age, but it's worked for us. We've had our fights and low points in the relationship, but have never broken up or "taken a break" before. Most of our time together has been wonderful.

The Issue:
We are both headed off to college this fall (I should also add that travel time between our respective colleges are only about 30 minutes.) and awhile ago we mutually decided it would for the best to break up before we go our separate ways. We feel this would be the best as a way to avoid resentment / possible unfaithfulness / suspicion that might arise as the result of a long-distance relationship. Essentially, it's ending on a good note instead of a bad one.

We have shared several tearful, very painful discussions about this problem, and now that there is less than a month left 'til we both leave, there is an increasing amount of reminders of how little time we have left together. This is something that has caused both of us a lot of emotional hurting, but it still seems "for the best". However, as time ticks forward I'm beginning to think "Why wouldn't work out? Why can't we try?"

The Question:
My peers and friends have told me I'm stupid to throw away something so good, while most adults have praised us for being mature and future-oriented. What do you think? Should we break up a long-term relationship simply because of college?