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    miss her more everyday

    Asked Feb 25, 2007, 03:04 AM 1 Answer
    Ok so my ex girlfriend broke up with me about month ago and I miss her so much and a week later after she broke up with me so got a new boyfriend we were going out for 19day and I no that's not long but I did like her a lot. The reson she told me she had to let me go because of her mom and my age I'm 3 year older then her what do I do I don't want to think of her but I always c her on myspace and in school holding hands with him=( anyone WHAT DO I DO?? I'm looking for a new girlfriend

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    1 Answer
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    Feb 25, 2007, 08:37 AM
    RPG, forgive me if I am wrong but I sense that this is a relationship that could be called young or inexperienced and if it is-- nothing wrong with that! This may be hard to see for a few years but I think I heard you describing what is essentially part of the wonderful, confusing and difficult experimenting young people do as they begin to try on adult things like relationships. None of us were good at it in the beginning, remember that. And it will get easier over time. You are still learning the basics here. Try not to take some of this too seriously... trust me, later on when you are older, you will look back and see it was not as serious as you thought it was at the time. Feelings change, perspectives change.

    In the meantime, try to discipline yourself a little bit to change your focus from her to other things like you would change channels on a TV. Thre are lots of "channels" out here in the world! It will help you to break a poor habit that is causing you some grief AND may help you to focus on your schoolwork more, develop a new interest or discover a new friend which are all good things!

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