Me and boyfriend from 3 yr broke up 3 months back because he was cheating on me. We broke up and haven't had contact for some days than he contacted me to meet we met he told me that he still having feelings for me and our relationship can still have a shot but he was not sure he wants his feelings to resurface after that we met a lot of times and he use to behave the same way as before and eventually ended up being physical till that time he was with his current girlfriend later when I asked him about us and about him giving a shot for our relationship so he told that no we should be just friends. After that I didn't contacted him for a month than again he started started missing me and telling me he misses me so much and he was more happier with me and he our frequency matched better and all but at the same time he is with his current girlfriend we met again and same he being cozy and all we ended up being physical again. He know very well that I am very still very serious for him and love him a lot... he says all this but doesn't want to come back to me? His current gal friend is in some other place and he is also going to leave the city in 2 months and will go back to his girl friend again. I don't know now what to do? Is he just using me because his girlfriend is not here? Or he genuinely loves me or want to come back to me? I don't know I am really confused I love him a lot and really want him to come back to me and all his talks is not helping me he doesn't want to come back and having a girl friend he talks all this with me? Don't know what's going in his mind? Please help me guys I really need your help all this is really troubling me and not helping me to walk ahead in life with out him. Please help