Ill try to explain this as easy as I can. Me and my best friend met this girl 4 months ago. He started liking her, and I didn't like her because he did. So 3 months later he says, he doesn't know if he likes her anymore. Then, this girl started liking me and I started liking her. We were actually in a relationship, then we put it on pause for my best friend.

So me and this girl likes each other, and now my best friend is upset because he likes her too. Hes angry, I think he even got depressed.

I know as a general rule, its your best friends over girls. But me and this girl has something... but we don't want my best friend to be upset over it... we just want him to be OK with it.

Me and this girl agreed not to do anything unless my best friend is OK with it.

Im confused... but I'm determined to make it work with this girl, she is too. But he is getting in the way. And I don't appreciate how he still tries to get her... because I made it clear that I like her, and this girl made it clear that she likes me. When he liked her before.. I stepped aside. Shouldn't he just man up.. and get over it, because that's what friends do for each other.

I made it honestly clear to him, about my intentions with her. By the way, were all 22.

What do I do?