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    May 15, 2005, 04:58 PM
    The love of my life
    Hi I'm a posting up this because there's no one else out there that can help me. I've been in love with this girls since 2nd grade when I first laid eyes on her.Eventhough I know I was very young then I still knew I found the one. Well years passed we were best of friends, then when it came to 4th grade I was going to pop the question and ask her to go out. But day I went in school to pop question I found out she had moved to a different school. I was so heart broken I even ran outa that class and down to the office and said I was sick and went home and cryed my eyes out. Well through the years we spoke on the phone I never really brought up the courage to ask her to go out because I feared I would lose her again. Finally in 9th I asked her out and she said yes, so we went out for about 6months and I would give up anything to do those 6months over again because those were the happiest days of my life. Even as I type this post I am crying because I'm thinking of her and what I had. Well as you could probably guess we eventually broke up she dumped me a week before prom I paid for a limo,tux,everything but once again I droped everything when I lost her again and I stayed home for days crying my eyes out.Till this day I cannot get her outa my head everything reminds me of her. Well about 2years after that just recently we started talking again over the internet sort of re-establishing our friendship so I asked her why it was she broke up with me,here is exactly what she typed cause" i didnt feel like we got along anymore,i felt like i was always making plans for everything we did
    ,and you didnt want to be in a relationship either so i ended it
    " .So I ask you what should I do I want her back again,but I fear losing her again and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that and next year is our senior year in school and my last chance to get her back before we go off to college and I lose her forever. So I ask you for help I am desperatly in need of it.Should I explain to her about our past and how I was going to ask her out in 4th grade but she moved out my life or is that to sensitive. Or should I just ask her to the prom show her the night of her life before we both lead off into separate directions and never see each other again... please help me anyone sincerely, Mr.lonely
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    Jun 7, 2005, 04:18 PM
    M r lonely
    If you read your own message you answered your own dilemma. I'm afraid what if she leaves again. Exactly. This is your soul speaking and alllllll of your guardian angels telling you noooooooo.
    Anybody can have a friendship(so called) in hind site, after the fact. Wah! If she doesn't appreciate the fact that you worship the ground she walks on, forest gump, she never will.
    You were together in a previous life time. Same result. Nothing doing. The relationship has always been this way and will continue for eons to come this way or lifetimes to come.
    You need to decide for yourself up on your own two feet to not be a door mat any more for her. She was a relative in the last lifetime a moocher and you didn't have the balls to tell her then, either. Peace ranieri
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    Jun 19, 2005, 11:03 AM
    Thanks for the reply and I agree with you the whole way. Even to this day she teases me with talk of her and other guys and it bothers me still,I want to forget about her fully but its hard. She was my first and my last and I loved her w/all my heart but she dosen't show the same affection back. So I ask you what should be my next step,I know its not for someone else to decide but for myself to decide I am just asking for any tips to erase her from my life completely.Their have been 2 women in my life the other we were gf/bf when we were younger and it held out for 2years and for a relationship at ages 12-14 that is just long. I'm thinking of pursuing her because she has showed interest in me where this girl hasn't for quite sometim now... So I thank you for the tips you have already given me and for any future tips you and anyone else gimme later on.

    Sincerely, Mr.lonely

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