I find that this is just an immidiate impression of a person that makes the person feel very happy suddently. It might feel like love because you like the way they look, the sound of their voice, their personality? Has anyone of you married someone that originally been attracted that way? Love at first site makes you have purpose for living, specially if you never happen to feel what love is in any other way. It also happens when two peoples eye contact happen at the same time and it is held for a few seconds. An initial contact.

My situation is this: My ex, who I broke up with 5 years because he was acting strange fell in love with a co-worker in January. He called it "love at first sight", or fell in love the moment he saw her. In his irrational mind, he sees her as "the one" who he should marry. She is engaged with problems in her relationship and apparently also likes him, but she did question his feelings "how can you love me if you don't know the TRUE me?. He feels that she is the one and hopes that by remaining friends with her that that will give him a chance for her to turn around and change her mind to leave her current boyfriend.

I know my ex is not ready for this responsability, or ready to share with anyone his movements. He still needs to mature. I feel now that he has manipulated me to false promisses. He had once said that he did "love" me but didn't feel he was IN-Love with me. I told him that initially, people get infatuated then when the HOTS calm down, and we feel more comfortable, LOVE transforms to a much deeper feeling. Then we see who we really are in REAL time. Not like when you first love someone that we think they are perfect. Love is a wonderful thing and it takes nouragement to keep it alive. Like a plant. You must need to water it, and give it vitamins once in a while, if its indoors, or give it shade if outdoor. Basically you need to protect it so it doesn't shatter because it is sensitive to anything but strong enough to surpase any hardship. It's like the ocean. It is gentle when it wants to be but rough when it wants to move around but the ocean is kindness and immense body is always there... anyway.

Is love a first sight, REAL Love? Has anyone been married to anyone who has experience this, and how is it going? I need example. I believe in LOVE and in site too, but not to think that it will last. It's a nice rush though.

Love to hear what you say.