I have lost myself while being in my relationship with my boyfriend of seven months. No one likes him out of my friends or family so I feel restrained whenever I want to say anything about him. I also avoid letting them know that I'm going to hang out with him because of all the negativity I get from it. It's been annoying me for a long time because secretly, I kind of understand where they're coming from. The majority of his friends are girls and he seems to never lose sight of his phone (almost as if he's hiding something). My grades this semester have been declining, my relationships with my family and friends have changed, I've lost trust with some people, and I feel like an utter mess. It's almost as if I'm living a lie. The depth of this situation is a lot deeper than I'm disclosing, however I can't find the courage to leave him. He really is good to me and treats me really well. But my problems seem to be compounding. What would you do?