OK so here's the deal, I met this guy online a while ago, its been a few years, but we never really talked. So about 3 months ago, we finally started to actually talk, we got to know a little about each other, and decided to if we can make it happen. I'm in AZ and he's in FL. This isn't my first long distance, (my first relationship was long distance, and it lasted more than a year) so, I know that they can work depending on the people. I can be a very mentaly strong person, but I'm also VERY logical, and I put things together. Anyway, knowing that ill get to the point. I have a web cam. And I take lots of pictures. I get online all the time to see if he's on. And if not I leave him a messefge saying hi or something. Now he works and goes to school. I know he can be busy. But the way iw as trained in life is that if you really want something then you'll go for it what ever it takes. No m atter what. Well when we first started talking he said his cam had gotten destroyed by a co-worker, that was "borrowing it"... he said he would get one with in the week. Two monthys later he is saying the saame thing. O have only seen one picture of him this whole time. And its getting fishy. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I can get prety busy, but I also do go to the store and see cams all the time. I'm sure he's ran into them several time since. Therse cameras everywhere. And he hasn't even sent me anymore pictures. Now, I don't want to jump to conclusions, just because, when I had my first relationship, my boyfriend didn't see me for a whole 3 months, because I was only 14 and didn't have a job to get a cam. But I saved enough because I did what I had to do knowing how desperatly he wanted to see me on cam. But the whole time it was me, I wasn't some creepy old guy, anyway, he's gotten somewhat upset about the fact that I keep brnging up the cam thing. I wouldn't be bringing it up if he had it already, instead of procrastinating. I'm confused, on to think if its him or not. I know its possible it isn't, but I also know its possible he is who he says he is.

Also, I'm alwys getting online more then I used to see I he's on, an ill leave him messeges, he won't reply all the time, and sometimes he does get on line and doesn't write to me. He will stay hidden so no one sees him online. But being that I over investigate I find ways to see if he's on, and he usually is , so I can't see him online but he really will be. So my question there is... why wouldn't he want to talk to me? And why woudnt he reply to my messeges that he gets, I just find it funny, sometimes I think I'm trying to make this happen more then he is. An advice will do. Maybe I'm just over thinking things,