My fiancé of only 5 months keeps telling me little and big lies,but for no reason,at least I can't figure it out.Ive tried making him feel scared of losing me/feeling guilty for what he done and he still lied.I also tried the opposite and supported his problem and made him feel like he has no reason to lie that being honest with me will rescue him from consequence but neither does that work.I believe this is been a problem for him for a long time.I love him with all my heart and don't want us to be apart I've been with numerous of people and he is the one who I'm in true love with,all the other guys would have been gone along time ago.I can't leave him for nothing I don't know how I got myself in this predeciment.He keeps telling me its because he doesn't want to hurt me with the truth but him lying is hurting me worst then what he lied about.He does not think he's good enough but I tell him I will except him for who he is.To top it off we separated for TWO days because of a pretty big argument about his lies so I left and didn't talk to him and he got online and created a dating profile and gave a girl his number and then he deleted the profile and didn't call her.I know he loves me but what can we do to fix these problems.While the separation I had a miscarrage because of the bs I was dealing with,he even got mad before Ieft not on drugs or anything and out his hands on me but I still forgave him,he has a lot of hidden issues.We are in a trial/limted separation right now because I want to know the truth of what will happen if we aren't around each other,will he easily find another or will he forget me easily,these are the things I want to know.The out come so far and its been about a week,Yeah I know not that long but he has been going insane and draging me with him.Im just confused and possibly pregnant again.