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    Dec 23, 2010, 11:31 AM
    Is this karma?
    Hi, I'm 21 yeard old, and this is my story. I had just turned 17 years old and I had meet this guy around my way he was cute and something about him caught my eye so we exchanged numbers and spoke for a few weeks and started going out. He was very nice and sweet, but he did tell me that he had a son but was no longer with the baby mother so I believe him I mean he didn't give me any reasons for not trusting him. So everything was going good I started going to a new school for my g.e.d and he would pick me up and drop me of he would work during the day and school at night so everything was going smooth we would go out on saturday's and sunday's he was with his son. But a little after a month I got a call from his so call baby moms "WIFE". She was cursing at me and yelling I was confussed by that and I did speak to her and told her that I had no idea and I'm not the one to blame is him cause he cheated not me and I had no idea he was still married. So I left it alone and dropped the guy even though he tried getting back w me I didn't even bother w him anymore. I accept that I made a mistake but I know it wasn't my fault.

    Moving forward 4 years later I know have a wonderful boyfriend that I been w for 3 years and we are in the procces of moving in together and just engaged. We are very happy, I was told by my yonger sister that my ex the married man went looking for me at my parents house not so long ago and left me his number which I found crazy. I did call and when I heard his voice I hanged up. I called againg and told him to leave me alone that I have moved on besies what we had was nothing to serious and it was four years ago. SO one day on fb I get a friend request from some weird lady so I check her page we have no friends in common and I realize its my ex wife's sister?! I was so confused like ***...

    I didn't add her but she send me these ugly messages calling me a home wrecker and all these names. I was so angry so I did message his wife telling her to stop her **** and to remind her that, that aaffair he had was 4 years ago and she still w him and had 2 more kids by him. So that she should leave me alone and deal w him not me cause I didn't know anything and I was as surprise as her and if she feels anger towards that to deal w him not me cause I have no contact w him anymore. I am angry at her for trying to balme me for him cheating on her. She has tried to figuere out if I'm in a relationship and I don't know what she plans to do when she does find out, I have told my boyfriend about the past and he is OK with it but I'm scared this crazy lady might lie to my boyfriend and he might believe her. What should I do to get rid of this crazy lady? Is this karma? Please help!
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    Dec 23, 2010, 01:22 PM
    Not karma just someone who can't let go of the past. All you have to do is just stop checking on her and you won't have to deal with her. See a message, delete it don't read it. If you are too interested in what she has to say to not read it then you want to keep hearing it. Maybe its guilt making you feel like you have to take it or deserve it. Make a new myspace or Facebook or what ever she is contacting you through. Or just block her. If you don't want to be harassed then you don't have to be. Unless she is coming to your house or work, that's different. Just let it go and I'm sure you can find a way to not deal with her if you want to.
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    Dec 23, 2010, 01:35 PM
    Comment on Outlandit's post
    I don't check on her she's the least of my worries. I have even blocked her from fb and she continues she's using her sisters Facebook, I don't feel like I did something it was her husband. She even has my # but I don't know how. What should I do??
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    Dec 23, 2010, 01:52 PM
    I agree karma has nothing to do with it.
    You made a big mistake recently - you called him twice, so you are on the caller ID no doubt, causing huge suspicion. Why didn't you stay away from the phone?
    If you are seriously concerned about this man coming around, get a restraining order.
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    Dec 23, 2010, 04:05 PM

    I did call and when I heard his voice I hanged up. I called againg and told him to leave me alone
    Ignore him, block her, and tell your family he is an idiot you want no contact with. Then go about your life.

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