My boyfriend and I of two yeas just got back together on new years eve... we broke up for exactly two months... now its been just two weeks and he's back to doing the same thing that caused the breakup in the first place... he doesn't call/answer/and barely texts me... he uses the excuse that there's probs at his house with his mom and stepdad and that there's always screaming.. I want to believe him but I have doubts... because its like he doesn't even have a second to call me... its not like if every mnute of the day there's going to be screaming.. and when you really want to talk to someone you say you love you go out of your way just to talk to them if even for 2 seconds... he told me yesterday he would call me this weekend and still hasn't I text him and it will take him about and hour or something to reply or he just doesn't... is he just trying to avoid me and making this up? Because I have problems at home too but I always find time to call/text him... we all know texting only takes less then a minute... and when he asked me back out the first thing I asked him before I said yes was if he was going to start calling me everyday without any excuse and he said yess.I really don't know what to do.. I don't think he's interested no more or is he just confused about what he wants... because what to took us 2 months to get back together... was that he was confused about what he wanted... so maybe he's just confused.. or just never changing.. I really don't know what to do.. I just don't want to do anything I know I'm going to regret later