My new girlfriend is just one of the most wonderful women I've ever dated. We are both tumbling head over heels. The sex is frequent and the best I've ever had. However, I have a dark insecurity that I must overcome or I am going to ruin this.

She has a teenage daughter from a prior relationship when she became pregnant as a teen, and she has an experienced sexual history to match. I have a conservative history of several LTRs. I have no children and I've never lived with anyone.

I am jealous and insecure that she has already long ago experienced pregnancy and childbirth and has already tried raising a family with another man.

My personal goals include raising a family of my own biological children. We haven't talked about whether she wants more kids, it's too soon in the relationship to talk like that. Or maybe not.

I must destroy my weaknesses and insecurities. They don't show yet, but I don't want to rip apart what might turn out to be such a rewarding relationship. I must say that it would be a dealbreaker if it turns out she does not want more children. It would tear my soul.