Im 19 years old and I consider myself pretty mature for my age, but Im in a situation that Ive never been before. OK here goes: When I started working where at my current job, the day after I started I met my manager's son, at first I didn't think anything of him because he was just her son to me(and the fact that he had a girlfriend at the time). Well month's after like I would say 5 or 6 months later he started to have problems with his girlfriend and we started to text each other. After like a few weeks that we started to go out on dates we did "it" (my first time) and I really wasn't looking for anything serious bcause he was still with his ex at the time. But then I started to get feelings for him and really falling in love with him, knowing that he was just in it for th sex. After like 5 months like that, I met a one of my bests friends brother and we started talking and getting to know each other. Now Guy no one, I feel is being more cosiderate with me and not treating me like his personal wore anymore. So now I'm getting to know this wondeful guy and I really like him, but every time that I see guy no one I forget about guy no2, and vise versa. Ive never been in this situation before and its killing me becase I feel like Im cheating on both even though I've never been "out" with them oficially. Am I a bad person or is this normal to have feeling for two guys at the same time?. Help what should I do?:confused: