Like all relationships I guess, this one has a long and complicated story behind it. Let me start at the beginning. I had been working with this girl for about a year. Lets call her girl A. Girl A and I had been getting very flirty at work and we were both clearly into each other. One night I had asked girl A to come and see a movie with me. After the movie I mustered up the courage to give her a kiss.
The next day I sent her a message something along the lines of "do you want to make this a bit more official?"
At the time she was kind of seeing this guy and her response was "I dont know what i want at the moment" I was pretty upset and decided to cut ties with her (well as much as I could seeing as I worked with her)
A month or two went by and we started chatting again. We had always had a flirty playful kind of relationship, which was good but it left a lot of sexual tension between us. At this time I wasn't looking to give it another shot, it was just a bit of harmless flirty fun.. so I though..
About 6 months after the kiss, she was still "seeing" this guy and I started becoming friendly with another girl that I worked with.
Girl B.
Girl A and girl B were pretty good friends but like I said girl A was still seeing this guy and girl B had taken a liking to me and I had taken to her. After some talk we decided to date but we kept it secret at first as to not upset girl A and so that girl B could find a way to tell her.
Girl A seemed fine about it all and so girl B and I continued dating.
Everything was going great but after 7 months of dating, girl B and I had I fight over some jealousy issues I was having. She became cold towards me and I felt a break up was near. I went over to her house a few days later and I asked her if she want to break it off. She said she didn't know so regrettably I gave her an ultimatum. She said yes.
About a week had gone by before she contacted me, told me she missed me and wanted to have a chat.
I went and saw her and we talked. I asked her if she wanted to get back together to which she said "i don't know"
I had been seeing her for over two month like this. We had become close again and everyone kept asking if we were back together, but she still kept giving me the answer "i dont know" Things were getting better but just very slowly, and after two months of uncertainty your mind starts to wander. Why can't she make up her mind? Am I just being used until she finds something better? When I try to leave why does she pull me back in?

I was at a friends house with girl A. My friends housemate had just come home after a night out and said he just saw girl B out clubbing and he had had a fight with her over me. He told me that she had been getting friendly with a guy out on the dance floor and when he confronted her she said that she was "just enjoying being single"
Probably not the best set up for my situation as I had been drinking with girl A and felt that if girl B was having fun then so should I. I was outside with girl A and she was sitting on my lap. One thing led to another and I ended up kissing her. At this point my friends housemate came bursting outside and caught us in the act.
I later found out girl B had never been dancing with anyone and never said she "enjoyed being single"
A and my chances of getting back with her. Few days had passed and the secret was out. Girl B didn't want to talk to me or girl A. I felt terrible. I had destroyed her friendship with girl A and she felt like I cheated on her. I really really liked this girl so I sent her a different colour rose every day for a week with a card on each one just so she wouldn't hate me. After sometime she forgave me but I felt all the work I had done up to that point had been destroyed with one foul kiss.
I want to get back with girl B but my question is should I put my time and effort back into trying to make it work or do I make the move on girl A and see what might have been? (girl A doesn't live here anymore, she lives about 1hr 1/2 away)

Please don't leave comments saying how I'm a **** for cheating etc. I already know.
Also I know the smart thing todo would be to get rid of them both... I've never been smart so that's not an option.

Girl A is coming to visit tomorrow and she wants to come see me. So any advice asap would be kick ***.


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