I'm young and I have a boyfriend 3 years older, we split for about 3 months and we've been back together for 2 weeks now. We're both trying really hard to not let the things that broke us up before do it again. We always fought, and he always admitted to being the one in the wrong. I always just tried teaching him how to be a good boyfriend and to do the right thing and not be inconsiderate as he is. He acts very immature sometimes and can be very inconsiderate and this seems to make me very very angry and upset, even the smallest things. I love him so much but I truly don't know how to make things better. I try to have patience to talk about it so he doesn't do it again but it always happens and I'm running out of patience. I need major relationship advice to at least guide me and help me with how to deal with these kind of siyuations please?