I wouldn't say it was love at first, but there was definitely something.

My sister and I go to this club on tuesdays nights where we dance, mingle, and meet up with friends.

Before we go in, we drink either at my house, or my moms (where my sister lives), or in my car.

This particular night, we were running late, so we ended up parking down the street from the club, and we drank in my car.

We got out, and walked up to the club, and stood in line waiting to get in. And when I turned around to get something from my sister, who was behind me, I saw a guy who I've met before named Ryan, whom I met through a guy who dated one of my friends, and so I said hello.

With him was this handsome young man, I had never seen before, and if you know me, I am automatically interested because I like to see new faces, and he was also extremely attractive.

I instantly get giddy, turn to my sister and whisper "that guy is cute" and she looks at me in agreeance.

So, we go inside, and we dance, and do what we always do, and at some point, I separate myself and start to dance alone. And I see the Ryan, and his cute friend (the ones who were in line) so I go up, and I start to dance... and before I know it, I'm dancing with "the cute boy"

We ended up hitting if off very well, and dancing together practically the whole night... and I don't dance with ANYone, haha.

SOOO... it starts to get late, and the club starts coming close to an end, but it's not quite over, so I start to walk upstairs to say goodbye to all my friends, and "the guys" WERE right behind me, but when I turn around, they were gone.

So I get sad... (overwhelming drunken emotion, haha) and start to look around for them, but they are nowhere to be found.

So, my sister and I say our goodbyes, and start heading back to my car.

At this point I'm almost like running, because I want to call my friends ex-boyfriend to find out out Ryans number (because I don't have it), so I can get "the cute boys" number.

Once I get to my car I see that there is something stuck in my door.

So I take it off, and almost throw it, because I thought it was just a flyer, but it was a torn piece of paper, and it had handwriting on it, so I read it.

And sure enough it was Gavin "the cute boy" =D

I instantly get giddy, and yell to my sister who was well aware of how much I was freaking out because I thought I would never see him again.

"OMG mia, he left me this cute note saying he wanted to dance with me again, and he also left me his number. But... how did he know which car was mine? Ryan must have remembered my car, and told him which one it was. Should I call..."

But before I could even finish my sentence I called him... "Hello, Gavin??" "Hello, it's me Gavin... what's up?" "OMG hey... uh, so you left a note on my door... how did you know which car was mine?" "I saw you get out of your car earlier... Ryan and I were parked right behind you guys" "No , haha. That's bad ..." "Yeah, I just remember telling Ryan that I thought you had great legs, and then you happened to be the one who I danced with all night. We should do it again" "Oh definitely...."

Ok, so that was the first night.

Then my sister and I ended up going to the guys house (Ryan, and Gavin) and we had drinks, and just had a blast.

Gavin and I ended up messing around, and it just felt SOO right.

Now, he's showing me signs that he's like REALLY interested, and I want to start showing them back. But I'm afraid of the whole age thing, and I'm afraid of what people are going to say.

Should I pursue something that could possibly be amazing. Or should I definitely take caution with his age, and keep it as just friends??