I hope someone can help.
I met this man and he swept me off my feet.I have not been on a date in 2 years.
The night I met him we stayed together until 4:30 in the morning.
On the dance floor we started kissing, I never did that in my life.
He asked me to go out with him on the following wed and I said yes!
When we got off the dance floor he gave me 300 dollars to by a dress for that night.
On that wed night his mom had fell so he canceled, but he came and we went out for dinner.
For 2 weeks he ttexted me every single day saying hi my sexy baby... I miss you and I can't wait to see you.
We had a date for 2 sat after that and he canceled.
The last one he canceled , I never heard from him again. I callled,texted,emailed and got no reply.
He is a multi millionaire.
I sent him white roses to his office and a bear asking him please michael, just give me some closure. You don't go from all those text message and calls to vanish from someone's life without explaining.I just needed closure bcause I'm craz about him and I know he felt the same.
I called his office and is seceretary and I became really close.
He is still married. Him and his wifehave been back and forth for years.
He told me he hated her, but I'm thinking it was his ex.
Well its not.
When they fight, he goes to one of his other houses to get away from her.
What I don't understand is, why he couldn't tell me the truth.
All I wanted to know is how to you go from everything you did and said to nothing.
I feel he didn't have the strength to tell me he was still with his wife.
And because he really liked me,it was better to say nothing.
So what he did... was leave the door open to call me in the future.
His sec told me it was cheaper to keep her.And also he adores his little grl and his wife is so crazy she will keep the baby from him and that will kill him.
I never believed in love at first sight. Now I do.
I want this man, how do I get him to call me?
I love him and I know he was crazy about me.
When I sent him the flowers and the bear, I asked his sec if he threw the flowers away or gave them to someone.
She said he left them on his deask until they died.
This man everyday made me send him pictures through email.
He said he needed to see my face everyday to feel happy because he loves my smile.
They were all nice pictures, not pictures in the nude. He is a gentlman.
Can someone please help