My girlfriend of 18 months left me almost 2 weeks ago because I was flirting with a girl over the internet and lied to her, but afterwards I told her the truth. She never loved anyone as much as me and I never loved anyone as much as her. I can honestly say she is the love of my life. It was devastating for me. How it started was she found out 3 months ago and we tried to make things word, she left me once but came back a few days later because she said she missed me so much and she doesn't want to waste a day not talking to me. But a week after we got into an argument and she yelled at me and said it was over. A week later I came down to try to surprise her but instead she broke up with me in person and she said some cold things like I don't love you anymore, everything you do means nothing to me. Its been 2 weeks since the breakup and I didn't communicate with her until she called me on christmas day to wish me a christmas we started talking and she told me that she said those mean things to make me move on easier. She said she doesn't want me to go get hurt and that its best for me to let go because she doesn't think she will get back with me because she doesn't see herselft being happy with me. But I told her I will never let go and I will never give up because I promised her from the beginning I would never leave, and that she meant too much to me to let go like that. She said its hard for her as well and that she still has feelings. But mostly she wanted me to move on. I am giving her a lot of space. But what I don't get it if she said she loved me so much, she loved me too much how can she let go so easily? She said she is tired and has no more energy to fight for this relationship. I am not going to give up. I was hoping you guys could give me some good pointers as to how to win her back. She is the love of my life and my first true love. Don't tell me to move on please because I won't. I know she still misses me and cares for me if not she wouldn't of called me on christmas right? Even though it wasn't a very good conversation but still that shows that she still cares. What should I do to win her back. She said she can't forgive what I did and can't forget but I told her time will heal and she said its not. I need some good advice as to how to win her back please.