I have been with this girl for about a year. We are both freshman in college. Its not a totally serious relationship but its not casual either. At first the relationship started kind of bumpy. She didn't know if she wanted to be with just one guy because she felt that she didn't know what else is out there and I think she is afraid she might miss out on something. Over the next 6 months we were on and off and I got my heart broke a couple times. I stuck it out and I showed her that I was going to be there for her and that I'm not going to leave her like some people from her past. After I stuck it out and showed her things started going really well. We spent A LOT of time with each other. Now I feel like she is the soul source of my happiness and I know that I need to stop being this way. I have been getting upset when I don't get to see her and I feel jeleous over every little thing. Even her wanting to spend time with her baby sister. Its bad and I took the first step in realizing I need to stop being this way and find other things to make me happy besides just her. Anyone have any comments on my relationship or ways to help?