About a month ago my boyfriend for 1 year and something months broke up with me due to the reason that he was "no longer happy". He actually has a 2 year old kid with some other girl and he is a year younger than me. We had lived in for about a year and I grew to be very dependent and attached to him. But of course, just like any break up - no matter how I begged and tried to patch things up - there was clearly too much damage and it had become a horribly dysfunctional relationship already. I was of course devastated. I couldn't eat, work, laugh or smile for a couple weeks. To help me forget about my misery, one of my best friends set me up with this guy friend of his who I had been eyeing for quite some time. Yes, I have to admit I found him attractive (in a rugged kind of way I guess). Anyway, we've been going out for about a month now. My mom tells me to take a breather and rest for a while (from relationships). I feel pretty steady with the "new guy", he seems to have good intentions and he was "referred" to me by a pretty good source. I'm some what confident that things may actually have a good chance of working with him. I have to admit I can hear my mom's voice in my head telling me to take it easy. So I guess my question is, how long should I wait until I engage myself into another serious relationship? How do I know if I am only trying to fill a void or a loss or worse just rebound on this new guy? Help! :confused: