Hi , all , me and my girlfriend were going out for two years , and had broken up around 7 months ago due to me being very controlling , I have understand that this was very wrong and I should not have been like this. We had shared so many beautiful memorys which I can never ever forget and which I miss so much. I have also told her how sorry I was and I would never be the same person again. I also said how much I miss her and need her in my life , but sadly she would'nt believe me. Around a week after break up we still stayed in contact and agreed to staying just friends nothing else , but sadly I was to emotionally unstable and still wanted her back, so continuously I asked her to take me back and how sorry I was, she didn't agree and said "no we should just remain friends nothing more". So we continued staying friends and not being friends , I have also tried showing her I have changed , but still she would not believe me and take me back. So now as time progressed we didn't speak much just rarely and if we did it would be on negative things, so now a week ago she says to me she doesent want to remain friends with me and believes she is happier without me in her life. I have tried calling her and texting her saying to her I'm sorry I really believe we should be friends if not in a relationship as I don't want to forget a person I have known for two years , which the truth behind that is I really love her and don't want to loose her. I have also said we could meet up and talk stuff through. However , she disagrees and tells me to leave her alone and says I'm happier without me in her life, and that she doesent want to no me and she's concentrating on things that matter which she says is family. I have also asked have you moved on yet and she tells me she is still single. I have also tried no contact for 2 weeks whilst not being her friend after a month after breakup, this didn't help as she did not really care if I contacted her or not. I would really like to get her back , but I just don't no what to do no more , can someone please give me some advice on how to get her back I don't want to move on. Thank you for your time.