Hi all,
I have been dating the same guy for the last five years. This past fall I started a new job, and I hit it off with one of the male staff.
We became friends quickly - same sense of humor; we could talk for hours about everything and nothing; and we spent time together outside of work. We got close, and although I didn't have any romantic feelings for him, I don't know if he felt the same.
We spent a LOT of time together - if we weren't hanging out on the weekend, we were messaging back and forth on the internet, or we were phoning each other. We were even sharing rides to work. I'm an affectionate person (with all my friends) and he was hesitant at first but then he wanted hugs after awhile. Several people commented on our relationship - that we should be together.
He was always aware of my long term, committed relationship. He never tried to make a move on me, ever. And of course, I was never aware what I was doing.
Fast forward to the winter, and a couple of my co-workers and I were out (him included) and I guess we were being too silly and giving him too much of a hard time... because he wouldn't speak to any of us for about a month. He never (and still hasn't) said anything to me about why he wouldn't speak to us... or if he was forced to, it would be abrupt and rude.
It really hurt me, because we had gotten so close and becme really good friends, and then all of a sudden he wouldn't talk to me.. To this day things are not the same with us.
I have no idea what's going on. I've lost some sleep over this (but I'm an anxious person anyway!)
Any insight would be greatly appreciated :)