My Bf and I have been together 5 years. Lived together 3.5, and have a 2 year old son. We have split up 3 times in the past for two months each time, and every time he swears he will change and he convinces me to come back. The problem: he doesn't have a job due to a layoff (okay, he still gets a unemployment check), but he does not help around the house. He sleeps as late as he wants, and when he wakes up he lays around, eats or if he gets bored, he leave and hangs out with friends. I work full-time M-F and our son goes to daycare. At night, after I cook dinner and our son goes to bed, he goes to shoot pool with another unemployed (single/still lives at home) friend and stays out until at LEAST midnight. When I say anything about this, he calls me selfish and childish and acuses me of trying to be his mother or a controlling . I tell him that all I want is for him to stay home with his family. I tell him it's okay to go out on the weekends sometimes but not EVERY NIGHT. The apartment is MINE. I pay rent and ALL the bills. All he pays is his cellphone, motorcycle, insurance, and $180/mo. To me for daycare. That's it. The money really isn't even the biggest issue, I just want respect. He was previously physically abusive and still verbally abusive. He's just a big bully and EVERYONE tells him this. He thinks he shouldn't have to listen to anyone. If anyone tells him that he's wrong he gets angry. BAD angry. We've been together since we were 16, and he never grew up. I think he must be "attached" to me, because this is NOT love. When I threaten to leave, he has a break down and sobs begging me to stay. He goes completely psycho! If I DO leave, he call honestly 150+ times a day. He comes by where ever I am. Begs me constantly just plain harassed me until I come back. It's stressful! He promises to change everything about himself... and does... for about 1 month, then everything's the same. It makes it hard since we have a son together to stay away from him. WHAT DO I DO? How do I finally end this for good?