My fiancé and I split up over 2 weeks ago. Let me start with we had been together for 6 months. I gave her a key to my house about 3 months ago because she was done work before I was that day. I let her keep the key. Now up till this point I had not seen the inside of her house. She claimed it was a mess. We got engaged a few weeks later. Everything was perfect at this time. As time went on she became distant from me, making excuses about why she couldn't come over. A little while later my sister told her more than she should have about family financial matters, and my financial problems. That same night, My fiancé, her daughter (18) and her daughters boyfriend were at my house. She had told me the day before that she would spend the night tomorrow night. She had to take the teenagers home. I asked her if she was coming back. She said no and gave the excuse that she didn't want the boyfriend sneaking back over to her house when she wasn't there. Things just got more strange after that. She said she needed space (red flag). She would not talk to me at all. No phone calls or even email. This same week the boyfriend got grounded. I finally got her on the phone about a week later from my cell phone outside her house. She wouldn't come to the door. She blamed everything about my financial problems on me. But she wouldn't let me explain. She didn't contact me the next day. The following day her daughter calls me to pick them because her car broke down. After that she was back (physically). The three of them were back at my house every night making dinner. She still would not talk to me face to face about what was going on. She always had an excuse to get away. Now it's a week before thanksgiving. She said she was going to make thanksgving dinner at her house. The daughter said will the house be clean? I still had not seen her house. She said she would clean it. The next day I asked her if I was invited to thanksgiving dinner. She said I thought you were going with your (my) family? I told her that all of my family were doing their own thing. The next day I talked to her on the phone and she told me that she was going to her neices for thanksgiving dinner and not cooking at home. I told her that I was looking forward to spending the holiday with her. This started another silent treatment. No contact at all.
I talked to the boyfriend after thanksgiving and he told me that he spent the night over at her house the day before, he slept in the daughters room. She let him spend the night. Logic Please? Another week went by with no contact. I finally get her to email me, where she breaks up with me in an email. That hurt. She said she would have the boyfriend of the other daughter bring my stuff back and get hers. He was supposed to do this the end of that week. I still wanted a face to face conversation, but she refused. I called her at work because that was the only place where she would answer the phone. I asked about the ring. She said she would give it to the boyfriend to give to me. I told her I wanted her to give it to me. I told the ex fiancé that I didn't want to end this way, especially in an email. She hung up on me. That weekend went by and nothing from anyone. I waited the next week and Saturday. The next day I went to her part time job, a department store. I was going to buy lottery tickets and politely ask for my key. She conveniently was called to the back of the store. I left and came back just in time for her and her daughter, (she works there too) to be leaving going the other direction. I stopped, she didn't even look at me. I look in the rear view mirror and the daughter is giving me the finger. I went to the police station. He said he would think about talking to her. The next day the other daughter sends me an email asking when she could get the stuff and give me mine. I said her stuff was on my porch. I also said that she could the movie posters that she gave me. She came back with. What she say to her mother when bringing them back. She then said Rob would not be happy about that (hmmm). Rob is the exboyfriend. I asked what Rob had to do with this. She told me that she ran into him at a store and she told him that her mother and I split. He said he wanted another chance with her. It's been 3 days and still no one has come to get the stuff or bring me mine. The ring is not much value but I would like it back. The key, well I changed the locks. The other thing that is mine, a crock pot that my late mother gave me. I have a few things of hers at my house. I still have not seen her house. I have not talked to the ex fiancé in over 2 weeks. The daughter asked why I went to the cops. Well no one made any effort to get me my stuff or get hers. I didn't want to have the cops called on me for trying to get someone to talk to me. Now once again no one is talking and I still have hers and she has mine.
What do I do now?