:(:confused: me and my girl has been together for over 6 years. Break up twice. Has a 5 years old daughter and a house witch we are about to loose. My girl has a lot of mail friends that I don't even know. Beside working, she spend most of her time texting or talking to them. I don't really have a problem with that, but the fact that they call her very late at night, I'm talking 12:00am 1:ooam o'clock in the morning and she always try to hide when talking to them. After our first break up, she finally admit she kiss him not once, but twice some guy she try to convince me was suppose to be her friend. It has been 3 weeks now since we break up again over guys calling her late at night. Now she has been going out Friday and Saturday every weekend leaving home with my daughter. Home girl treat me like , but I can't see myself go on with out her. I can find a million reason to let her go, but I always end crying and begging for her to stay. I made twice her money, but I still have to hang my little bite of clothes in my daughter closet cause we let her sister live in the our 3rd room while she has a closet over full of clothes. She get whatever she ask for, but she will choose her friend a million time before me any way. I really want to get out in this relationship, but I can't do it cause I have to see her because of my daughter. Up thing is we leaving together and I think I could ever get over her I don't move away. Please help?