So my boyfriend and I haven't been dating every long but were crazy about each other, everything thing is going great.. 1 problem my boyfriend has a baby with his crazy ex and when I say crazy I mean it.. Her and I actually got into a fight and she brought her baby along :/ they are having a court battle right now, she doesn't want me to be around the baby and what not but she also won't let my boyfriend see his baby unless he goes to go her house but he doesn't want to see her face.. and his family doesn't want to vist with her either.. He will text her all the time and she keeps saying come to my house blah blah blah.. and when I text her freaks out at me saying it has nothing to do with me.. well for one when your making my man upset yeah I'm going to get invloved.. she now wants him to take an anger management class which is retarded ( id been getting angry too if I couldn't see my onw son) She is just making way more drama than needed.. How do I deal with this?