Hi I am in a big trouble .we have been like 3 years in a romantic frienship.he loves me so much for like 2 years and the last year I began to feel that he doesn't love me anymore but he say that he loves me.in the last year I left him while he wants me very much,I felt bored and I left him like 1 month then another boy told me that he loves me and in our school all people knew that I left the first boy and I became a friend to the other one .I will not lie I felt that he is nice more than the one I love but he really is but I love the first one I was lying on myself.after that the first came and told me he love me but I refused to get him back after this incident by 3 weeks I went to him and I want him bach he refused from this story we didn't become one day like the past and now he don't reply me and really makes everything shows that he doesn't love me at all but I love hamm please tell me how could I get him back please I want him I am a Sagittarius and he is pieces.really I need him