I was really a bad guy before. I used to ask girls phone number or used to give them my phone numbers and make time pass with them.And also I once had fake love with one girl. But promise I didn't do anything, I didn't even touched her.Sex wasn't my intention I just loved her for time pass.
But now I truly love one girl.She also used to love me before.But I did a great mistake I hide the truth from her. But now she knew the truth and she is regretting about having me. She thinks that living with me is her compulsion. She said to me that she doesn't love me anymore and she will never. And also she said she can never be happy with me and she thinks I can never do that. Now she also has changed her relationship status in Facebook to single. She is doing several things to take revenge with me. I don't what to do now I really have changed and I truly want to get her back how can I do that. Otherwise I know I just can't survive without her. I'm also thinking about suiciding in front of her.