Pleaseeee helppp mee pleasee I love this guy so much he used to love me before but he's just fallen out of love, ino there is still love for me but I don't knoe how to relight it pleaseee I am hurting so much pleasee help will mean the world to me..
Hi me and my b.f been going out for like 1 and half years but for a couple of months things have been rocky, and we have broken up and got back together several times, and now he said he don't feel the same way about me he don't love me anymore he cares about me but don't love me and want to be in a relationship.I told him how I feel I've begged and cried but none of that seems to be working.I just wish someone out there knows a way to get oyur lovved one back. I was heartbroken and he said after my exams our relationship is definatlely going to be over because he don't want the hassle.he is only staying with me because I said I don't need to be upset while doing my exams, so after he said were definitely going to break basically I have a month with him before he says its over.I need him want to be with me and not break up. Please help I want him to love me like he did before. I love him so much that id do anything for him please please help me he is my 1st love. I just want the relationship to be how it is beofre
Don't tell me to move onn because I can't atal and ino deep down he doesn't waant to eithr.