I am currently 25 and a single mother to a 9 month old gorgeous baby boy! Myself and his dad got together for a brief fling (nothing serious) and I got pregnant on our first night of sleeping together!

When I first told him about the baby he was shocked and ignored me for few weeks after telling me to get rid! Unfortunately I couldn't do that. Anyway... he eventually came round to idea and we gradually built up quite a good friendship during the pregnancy and he was pretty supportive.

I had to move back in with my mum as I gave up my job. He supported me through the birth and immediately bonded with baby. I found it tough raising a baby under mums supervision so we agreed that I could move in with him until I was offered a council house. Living with him was good... he went to work and I was housewife and we were acting like a proper couple.

But he was used to his way of living and had a lot of hobbies so he was out a lot... didnt mind at first as I had landed myself in his house but it soon got to me. I was bored with no job or friends in the area so staying in with baby all the time got me down and I took it out on him which he always handled pretty well and cheered me up.

Anyway... my moaning got too much and when I got my house we agreed that I move out of his. He said we could still be together... but again he was always busy so my moaning got worse. I got drunk one night and told him I loved him and acted like an idiot when he didn't say it back. He said he not at that stage yet. So that ruined things and soon after he finished with me completely.

He sees our son every weekend and is good dad. I thought that we were going to be happy family... I know having a baby first then trying relationship is not the best way! I love him and want him but he doesn't feel the same... do you think he ever will. He is 26 and very very stubborn. Long winded I know but *** help as I'm a bit stuck... didnt plan on falling for him x