Heya everyone... Ive been gone for a while but I feel the need for some good advice to calm my mind so here goes...

We are in a deployed situation, he is military and I am a civilian contractor

Ive been dating a guy for about 3 months now. He was married 8 years, been divorced for one year and has 2 children. At the beginning of our relationship I was falling fast and we had a talk about where things could go since he would be leaving in May and I would most likely stay until July/Aug. I have been planning on going back to California, but he has to go back to North Carolina so when we had the conversation he said he just wants to take things day by day and that we were from opposites sides of the states and basically was skeptical about it working.

Its been about 2 months since that conversation and things have been great up until I left for 3 weeks. Before he was being really sweet and really seemed to enjoy being around me, and now I kind of feel like he is distancing himself. I have only been back a week and I have had some emotional things I have had to deal with so part of me thinks I have bothered him with my problems and he keeps talking about how he can't wait to be back in the states. He has never asked if I would come visit him and when his friends make jokes about us acting like we are married or ask me in front of him if Im going to come visit, he gets that nervous-guy look on his face.

He has mentioned that he hides his emotions, and he really does. I want to talk to him and ask him so bad, but I hate putting pressure on him, and in all reality I don't think I want to hear the answer just yet.

A close guy friend of mine has told me I just need to put myself out there cause this guy is just trying to defend himself and won't be the one to say it first. I like to believe that is what is going on, but my instinct is telling me he doesn't really want to be with me anymore... and its really hurting me right now. Sometimes I just want to break things off myself so I can stop wondering and I can just heal my wounds, but another part of me knows I tend to over-react and over think things and I just need to find the best way and best words to figure out where he stands...

So I guess my question is what's the best way to bring it up? He is not a 'talker' but if I ask a question he will listen and he will be straight forward. He has called me silly and 'stupid girl' (in a funny way, I call myself the same) with some of the other things I have brought up... and I tend to feel better once I get them off my chest, but I always let things build up so much that I just about choke on the words I want to say. I am not good at discussing my feelings, and I try to show them instead, but when I don't get the same affection back it just kills my courage... OK OK I think that might explain enough for now. Sorry its so long, I just have so much on my mind.