Hello friends, I have a problem and I have been seeking help from everywhere, and everyone, things in my relationship hasn't been looking to good for me. I lied to my girlfriend about things that are insignificant, things that if I tell the truth it won't be a problem, but I still lie about it. Right now thank god I still have a relationship, my girl wants me to stop all the lies and I understand that it hurts her a lot. I realize that if I keep lying pretty soon my girl will leave me, and I don't want that. At this time thank god I still have a relationship with her, we don't live together so that means I don't see her everyday. The last time we saw each other was like a week ago, I miss her so much. She suggested that I seek help about my problem, and I was more than willing to do so. I never want to loose her and farther more I want to change and be better for myself. I told her that I was getting counseling, she said great, however she don't think we should see each other, in other words we are together but together apart so we can get closer. She said she don't want to be around me because she don't want herself to be a distraction for me. I agree, so all we do is talk on the phone for a few minutes every once in a while. So my question is that, lets say everything work out fine and she see a change in me, things are back together as normally, how do I gain her trust back, how do I get her to trust me again like when we first started the relationship. That is something I would real like to know so I can practice it, she is not an easy person to deal with so that means I have to work very hard. Tell me the steps I need to take.