I have been in a bad relationship for too many years. It has been stagnant for the last few years. I have told my husband to leave three times over the last two years. The last confrontation I said it 6 times. He doesn't acknowledge it when I say it or act as if I have ever suggested it. I am not going to leave. I know he is in denial. I do not want to be forcible like using the law. I am trying to be as peaceable and adult about this as I can. I look at it as there is more to the big picture than this moment. There will be life after him with him involved and I don't want to jeapordize this by creating a larger "can of worms" than I have to. Has anyone else experienced this? What worked if anything? Am I just fooling myself by thinking this is a possibility? I know there are people who have had a peaceable divorce. We don't fight continuously, we are past that. We are just like housemates.