After being with him for 10 months and having an amzin time he decides out of the blue he wants to be single and be one for the guys again. Obviously this breaks my heart and I still love him but he says he wants to be single. All he can tell me is how beautiful I am and how much he loves spendin time with me and he loves me, I know what your thinking its all a lie he's got someone else but I trust him when he says he doesn't. I have to see him everyday and I can't think about anything else but him. I know I'm being pathetic but I truly love him I don't want him to get back with me because he feels sorry for me. If he still loves me and I still love him how can I get us back together without seeming desperate?
Everyone tells me that he will come running back in a week or so but I don't want to get my hopes up in case he doesn't.
Please can someone tell me how I can get him back?