My Boyfriend of a year and half one day decided that he needed time and space. Everyone thought that I was the "One" well it took him over two weeks to move out of our house and during that time I went and stayed at a friends house one weekend thinking a weekend apart maybe that would help him in his thinking but no it was totally not what I had expected he got mad and said if he wanted to be away from me he would tell me to go. SO I was just like OK... totally confused then he moved out I found a job at the local hospital which totally shocked the crap out of him. So I really thought I would only hear from him every now and then oh no he called every day when he first moved out I stayed with a friend for 4 or 5 days just couldn't handle the thought of going home and him not being there well I saw on my caller id that he had called several times everyday then I came back home and he still called after awhile I tried to get him to answer me on what was going on with me and him he would never answer he would change the subject ignore that subject or make a joke about it that went on for awhile then one day I was on lunch break and he decided to tell me that he wanted me to know that we are just friends and he has realized that he has never had that break from me and him that he needed and that I was always calling him on my lunch break and after I got home from work I Said yes and that is because if I didn't there would be times that you would ask why didn't I call you or where was I so I called you so you would not have to ask. So I was like OK so that afternoon I didn't call but he left me a message online that he had his number changed and here is the new number, then I had to go somewhere and when I got back I was not in my house 5 min and he was calling and he has called me every since he said he need that space and time from me he has been calling me all the time ask me over to his house a few times but he never come in my house since he moved out and I always wonder why.
SO why do you think he calls me all the time when he said he need time and space he said he loves me but he needs to make sure if he is in love with me. I love him with all my heart I still do even with all the hurt he has put me through in the last few months I want to stay and wait for him because I love him but everyday is getting harder and harder I still love him and am very much in love with him I am not sure what to do. When he said the second time that he needed that time and space and for us to be friends he said he still wants to do stuff together and to do things with the kids he has me so confused I don't know what to do please help me.:confused: