I have known my boyfriend since I was a junior in high school. We started working together and hit it off right away. The only problem was at the time he was dating someone and I was as well. We never messed around with each other because we didnít believe in cheating on the other person. Both of our relationships at the time were horrible I was being abused my boyfriend and he was going through the same with his girlfriend by her cheating on him all the time. I ended up going off to college and we didnít talk to one another at all during my first year being away at school. I could never seem to get him off my mind and still thought about him always. I came back home last May and ended up finding out he had broken up with his girlfriend and I had broken up with my boyfriend as well. I ended up sending him a text message and I heard back from him immediately. At the end of his first message that he sent back it ended up by saying ďI have missed youĒ. We talked on the phone that night and it seemed that neither of our feelings had changed toward one another. We hit it off immediately and ended up starting to date one another officially in July. Our relationship was like a fairy tale all through out summer. He was the one that said ďI love youĒ to me first and the first time we kissed he was shaking. He said he had never been so nervous and he was so scared to lose me, because he had never felt this way about someone before. Summer ended and I ended up going back to school. Were 100 miles away from each other but in the beginning of this year I was going home every weekend to spend time with him. Every thing was perfect. He came up on some weekends as well to spend time with me. As school started to get more intense I see him starting to drift away from me. He is in his second to last year of the PT program and school for him is extremely intense. He has told me he has never been so stressed out in his life before, and he is not being himself at all. Besides school he is working 40-50 hours a week, and is trying to make his car and house payments as well. He told me 2 weeks ago he needs his space because I am being too demanding and my wants and needs are something that he canít give me right now. I donít understand because we have made plans for our future of us moving in together, Iím transferring schools to be with him, he wanted to get engaged this summer, and we recently had a pregnancy scare that he was upset that came back negative. All those right there are pretty intense things to say to anyone especially a girl, because we take things to heart. We got together once over my break when I was home for Thanksgiving and he said he still loved me and wanted this to work out, but yet the thing he said that scared me was I asked him how he feels, and he said he doesnít feel the same anymore. I asked him if he meant with me or with everything and he said he didnít know. I asked him if he wanted to be with me still and he said yea. Now, I havenít heard his voice for 8 days and he sent me a text message 5 days ago. I havenít heard anything from him since. Iím trying to give him the space he needs. I have tried calling him or sending him a text for 4 days now. I donít understand how someone can shut off to someone they supposedly love just like that. I want to know if his heart is still in this relationship anymore, because right now I feel its not. I talked to him mom and dad and they said he told them that he is so consumed in school right now and he is so afraid of failure. I feel though that as days go on this space, is starting to turn into a break and I canít imagine my life without him. I donít understand how hard it is to pick up the phone while your in the car to just said a text saying I love you or a quick call saying Iím really busy right now but I just wanted to call and say I love you and that Iím thinking about you. He use to do that all the time and multiple times a day but now itís like I donít even know who he is anymore. Do you think this is all stress and I should give him space and he will come back to me? Or do you think he has just fallen out of love with me, because he only wants to concentrate on school?