We were together for two years and three months. He was the very best part of my life and the love we had for each other had no limit. When we were together the words 'breaking up' didn't exist to me because I knew me and him were always going to be together, but I was wrong.

He broke up with me a week ago. Actually it was more like he dumped me than anything else. We were in a minor fight, but I knew something was wrong when he had ignored me the entire weekend. When I had finally saw him in school I asked him what was up. He just said it was over and didn't even bother to look at me.

At first I was confused because even though I heard the words I wasn't able to take them in. I asked him why? What was wrong? He just told me he wanted to be alone, that he wanted to focus and graduating this year and preparing for collage, than he said he didn't want to have to worry about me cheating on him.

It's been a week and nothing had gotten better. He acts like noothing has happened. Every time I see him in the halls at school or at lunch he just smiles at me or tries to have a simple conversation. It bothers me because I think he's really over me.

He really broke my heart when he told me it was over.

When I don't talk to him at all(no text, Facebook, etc) he'll start talking to me asking me what I am doing, but when I start talking to him he just becomes distant.

Also He always ask me where I'm going on the weekend and if I talk to any guys. I don't understand! Why would he want to know.

Please someone, anyone out there could you please give me advice on what to do? I want him back. It's still not over for me and I know there is hope left. I just need some advice, even if it hurts, I would like to hear the truth.